Alpha Academy Alumnae Association (Toronto Chapter)

Welcome aboard, Alumnae and Friends!

Step into the community of the Alpha Academy Alumnae Association (Toronto Chapter), nestled in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As proud graduates of the Convent of Mercy Academy “Alpha” in Kingston, Jamaica, we have built a community that’s been making a positive impact in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) community for over four decades.

Join us as we extend a helping hand to charitable organizations, including the Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (AJAA). Together, we help to provide scholarship funds for aspiring high school graduates, empowering them to chase their dreams of higher education  We also support their Care and Share initiative.

Throughout the year, our Toronto Chapter hosts events like Brunches, Dinner Dances and other events. Through these celebrations, we offer unwavering support to our beloved alma mater, Alpha, funding essential projects, and fostering other remarkable initiatives.

As we stand united in our shared experiences and aspirations, let’s embrace the spirit of camaraderie and create lasting memories together. Welcome to a place where cherished connections and noble causes come alive!

Warmest Wishes for a Joyous Christmas!


Wishing you and your loved ones the merriest Christmas filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments. May the holiday season bring you warmth and joy, and may the coming year be filled with blessings and new adventures.

Here’s to the spirit of togetherness and the magic of the season!

Message from President Gillian Amos



On behalf of the executive team of the Alpha Academy Alumnae Association (Toronto Chapter), I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and the very best for 2023.


A new year offers us renewed hope and anticipation.  It provides us with an opportunity to work towards the achievement of our goals.  May yours come to fruition.


The year 2022 continued to be a challenge for fundraising events given the pandemic but we were able to, once again, host our Easter Pick Up and Go.  Thanks to you, it was a success.

Our support of our Alma Mater did not wane during the last year as we provided scholarships to students and donated funds to various initiatives.  A highlight was the opening of the Maths Centre at Alpha, our gift to the school in recognition of the Association’s 40th Anniversary, celebrated in 2019.

For 2023, we are planning to have at least two events and you will have a say on what these could be.  Stay tuned.


Alumna, family and friends, we thank you for your continued support of the Toronto Chapter and look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,

Gillian Amos



Join us at an event!  We would love to have you.  Stay connected to learn about our annual fundraisers and other events.  Be sure to check out our Events Page.


Congratulations, Principal Kali McMorris!

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